January 20, 2023 Co-chairing the new session previews track for POPL. Come see my talk on Relational & Automated Verification on Friday!
March 10, 2022 I gave an invited talk on Avenir at Intel
July 19, 2021 I gave an invited talk on control plane synthesis at CAV's P4 Verification Workshop
May 3, 2021 My invited talk on control plane synthesis at the Simons Institute is live (watch it here)
April 19, 2021 Cornell's CS News interviewed me about Avenir
December 15, 2020 I passed my thesis proposal!
April 28, 2020 My talk on Avenir at the P4 Expert Roundtable Series is live (watch it here!)
June 25, 2019 Kicked off our Career Explorations Conference for High School Students on Networking and Security! [Labs]
June 19, 2019 Attended the NPI Workshop on Foundations of Routing
April 8, 2019 Received and accepted the NSF GRFP!
March 26, 2019 Great Works seminar talk [demo]
October 3, 2018 Attended the 2018 NPI annual retreat
May 11, 2018 Received Grad Student TA Award for OOP & Data Structures [Nominated by David Gries]
May 1, 2018 I am excited to announce that I will be spending the summer at Fujitsu Laboratories of America!
November 7, 2017 Accepted to PLMW @ POPL 2018!
August 22, 2017 Successful first day of my PhD at Cornell University!
May 23, 2017 Cornell PLDG talk (slides) about LTLf and Temporal Netkat
May 14, 2017 Graduated from Pomona College!
April 15, 2017 Accepted offer of admission to Cornell University.
April 12, 2017 Submitted Thesis Manuscript!
April 7, 2017 Thesis Presentations to the Math and CS departments at Pomona
March 15, 2017 PhD CSE Visit Day at UCSD
March 7, 2017 PhD CS Visit Day at Princeton
March 2, 2017 PhD CIS Visit Day at UPenn