Eric Hayden Campbell

PhD Student, Cornell University

Department of Computer Science

2019 NSF Graduate Fellow

email: ehc86 [at] institution [dot] edu

office: @ home indefinitely Gates 430

About Me

I am a fifth-year PhD student and 2019 NSF Graduate Research Fellow at Cornell University interested in solving theoretical problems of industrial significance -- specifically at the intersection of Networking and Formal Methods/Programming Languages. My research interests include domain-specific language design, type systems, formal semantics, algebra, graph theory, and formal verification. I dabble in linguistics, and teach salsa dancing

I am advised by Nate Foster. We're currently working on formalisms for networks with programmable and non-programmable hardware and type systems for P4.

In my free time, I work with Mats Rooth on a programming language for reasoning about multi-party epistemic constructs in natural language.

My undergraduate research at Pomona College focused on Finite-Trace Logics with Michael Greenberg. My thesis developed novel sound and complete axioms for Linear Temporal Logic on finite traces, as well as a cannonical tableau-based decision procedure. This was used to prove completeness for Temporal Netᴋᴀᴛ in the generic framework of Kleene Algebra Modulo Theories.


July 19, 2021 I gave an invited talk on control plane synthesis at CAV's P4 Verification Workshop
May 3, 2021 My invited talk on control plane synthesis at the Simons Institute is live (watch it here)
April 19, 2021 Cornell's CS News interviewed me about Avenir
December 15, 2020 I passed my thesis proposal exam
December 11, 2020 Avenir has been accepted to NSDI 2021
December 1, 2020 My linguistics work with Mats Rooth on Epistemic extensions to ᴋᴀᴛ (Epiᴋᴀᴛ) was accepted to SCiL 2020
April 28, 2020 My talk on Avenir at the P4 Expert Roundtable Series is live (watch it here!)


Dependently-Typed Data Plane Programming. Matthias Eichholz, Eric Hayden Campbell, Matthias Krebs, Nate Foster, Mira Mezini. POPL. January 2022. pdf
Avenir: Managing Data Plane Heterogeneity via Control Plane Synthesis. Eric Hayden Campbell, William T. Hallahan, Priya Srikumar, Carmelo Cascone, Jed Liu, Vignesh Ramamurthy, Hossein Hojjat, Ruzica Piskac, Robert Soulé, J. Nathan Foster. NSDI. April 2020. pdf slides
Epistemic Semantics in Guarded String Models. Eric Hayden Campbell, Mats Rooth. SCiL. February 2020. pdf
How to Avoid Making a Billion-Dollar Mistake: Type-Safe Data Plane Programming with SafeP4. Matthias Eichholz, Eric Campbell, Nate Foster, Guido Salvaneschi, Mira Mezini. ECOOP. July 2019. pdf
Kleene Algebra Modulo Theories. Ryan Beckett, Eric Campbell, and Michael Greenberg. In Submission. draft
Infiniteness and Linear Temporal Logic. Eric Campbell, advised by Michael Greenberg. Pomona College. May 2017. [Undergraduate Thesis] pdf slides
Constructing Integer Matrices with Integer Eigenvalues. Christopher Towse and Eric Campbell. The Mathematical Scientist, UK. June 2016. pdf slides

Blog Posts

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Spring 2018 TA OOP and Data Structures at Cornell University
Fall 2017 TA OOP and Data Structures at Cornell University
Spring 2017 TA Database Systems at Pomona College
Fall 2016 TA Programming Languages at Pomona College
Spring 2016 Head TA Intro to CS at Pomona College
Fall 2015 TA Intro to CS at Pomona College